Three Easy Ways to Attract and Land a Girlfriend Now


So many of us men have made the art of attracting and landing a girlfriend much harder in our minds than it really is.

Sure it requires that we put ourselves in the right mind frame and that we put forth some effort, but beyond that it’s just not that tough. The problem usually lies within the man himself as he is his own worst enemy in getting the girl that he really wants.

Sounds too easy, right? Well through my own experiences and the lessons that I’ve taught men just like us, I have determined that there are three simple steps to attracting and landing the girl that you want. Here’s how you do it, and as you will see it’s really not that tough.

Step 1

As you are likely alone, you have probably told yourself that you’re okay with this. You have likely assured yourself that you will die alone and that you are comfortable with this notion. Guess what? This sentiment and all of these negative emotions turn into something very unappealing to women. They sense this doom and gloom, and to them it shows up as desperation. You tend to chomp at the bit when you do meet a woman as you want to hold on for dear life. Get the ideas out of your head that you will be alone forever, because that desperation is sure to turn women off. Turn that around into positive emotion which is much more likely to work.

Step 2

Everybody has something that they are insecure about. We all feel like we’re not good enough, not smart enough, or we wish we had some trait that we are lacking. It’s natural to feel that way at times, but you can’t ever let a woman see that. Women don’t like insecurity as it appears to them as a major lack of confidence. Learn to accept whatever inadequacies you feel you have and turn that into a confidence about yourself instead. The negative sentiments are bound to turn into excuses and those are not the way to land a woman. Find a way to be positive and you will surely be a much happier person—and land a woman!

Step 3

Many men think that for some reason women want a «quick talker» or a man who can come up with the lines on the spot. These often appear as pick up lines and women do not like them at all. If you are sure that a woman is looking for a pick up line and you are working to learn some and prepare yourself as a witty individual, it will come across as contrived. Instead be yourself! It sounds quite simple in nature and it is, but it’s a much better option than trying to be somebody that you’re not. Women like men who are real and therefore if you put yourself out there in that capacity, you are far more likely to land the girl that you want.

Getting a girl is much easier than you think. If you can study and master these three simple steps, you will have the girl that you want in no time. Just shift your mindset and quit trying to be somebody that you’re not—women will like you for who you really are!

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