How to Get a Girl to Notice You


You see them all the time— those guys. How do they do it? How do they get even the hottest girl in the room to notice them? You’ve seen it happen where one of those guys walks through the bar and it feels like every hot girl in the joint is sitting up a little straighter in her chair. Maybe you’re the guy who always gets typecast as «the friend»—and you’re sick of it! That would probably mean that you’re way too nice and most of the girls around you mistake that for you being a good friend, one for which she’s convinced wants to hear all about her dating adventures. So how do you make the change from being «the friend» or the guy in the corner who nobody notices to the one that girls can’t take their eyes off of?

Dress the Part if You Want People to Actually See You

No, this does not mean to dress yourself up as some «club hopping goofball». You don’t want to dress yourself in «pimp gear» from head to toe and then expect the woman to flock to you—I promise you it won’t happen! When we say dress the part this means to dress like a normal, well dressed man. This means that there’s a fine line between wearing a football jersey and clubbing clothes. Dress up into something that presents well, and by all means be sure that you show that you take care of yourself. This should apply to both your personal and professional life, so see how well it works and how quickly it helps to get you noticed.

Confident and Cool Always Wins the Looks

Not only do you have to dress the part, but you have to be the part too. You need to walk into that place with confidence that shines through—girls notice this stuff! It is important to note that you want to be confident and not cocky, because the latter will immediately turn girls off and put their focus back on something else. Demonstrating through your walk and your look that you are self assured, confident, and loaded with a high self esteem is sure to get the girls to look up from the yahoo they’re talking to and instead notice you.

Smile and Show That You’re Approachable

The mistake that many guys make is to come across as unapproachable. Confident is one thing, but cocky and unapproachable will not get you noticed nor will it get you any further in talking to the girl of your dreams. A smile and a look goes a long way with girls, because it shows that you’re fun, you’re sweet, and above all you’re approachable. Survey the room and flash a genuine smile at the girls you make eye contact with—this can actually make for a fun game and immediately get you noticed. Be yourself and have fun with the situation that you’re in because that too helps you to get noticed. The guy that tries too hard will definitely not get the girl. The guy that enters a room acting normal, being himself, and putting out the right vibe will not only get noticed, but is sure to leave the bar with numbers in hand. Be the second guy and if you try this out, you will get noticed and then some!

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