How to Flirt With Women


How to flirt with women is a skill not everyone has in their repertoire. It’s a skill not everyone can completely understand even.

How to flirt with women can be innate to you or you can totally have no idea about it. The thing is, most of us only have limited ammo when you into the battlefield.

What are you going to tell her?
Are you going to ask her where she’s from?
Ask if you can buy her a drink? Ask her if she comes here often? Ask her cliches?

That’s nothing new to a woman’s ears. No wonder why many of us are completely baffled in the art of seducing the opposite sex. If you want to polish your skills, or learn about this mysterious art, then read through these three tips on h ow to flirt with women and you might get a clue.

Nice Guys Finish Last

First, you need to know how women are attracted towards men. Women are attracted towards guys who make them feel secure while giving them a sense of excitement at the same time. If you’re too much of a nice guy, then you might not be making her feel this vibe off you. See, women perceive nice guys as someone who is submissive and will probably get his ass kicked since he can’t stand up for himself. How are you going to protect her when she gets in trouble? Go down on your knees and beg for mercy? Look, women dream about being the damsel in distress. So what they’re looking for is a knight in shining armor and not some nice guy who does everything she wants.

Using Unpredictability

Now that you’ve made her feel secure and she feels safe around you, what’s next? As mentioned above, women like it when men bring a sense of excitement to the table. It’s like business, you never let them figure what’s going in that thick skull of yours. Leaving her guessing is one of the things you can do to keep women interested. However, you wouldn’t want to look like a weirdo so couple this with enough confidence and responsibility.

What you can do to accomplish this is keep everything – your life, personality, and values intact, even if she doesn’t like it. Yes, this might turn her off but at the same time she’ll be turned on by the fact that she cannot control you just because you long to be with her.

It isn’t like you’re the only guy who likes your girl, assuming that you’re the one who’s got his head put on right. There are plenty other guys out there dying to be with your woman who’d do everything she wants. You think that attitude excites her? No. On the contrary, it’ll probably bore her. So exclude yourself from everyone and leave your woman guessing. You’ll be surprised that she’d be the one who can’t wait to be with you.

Last but not least…
Teasing Her When She «Tests» You

Now that you know that you can’t have your woman bored, you might be wondering why they still want to control their man. The answer is quite simple, my friend. It’s a test. A bluff if you will. Testing you if you’re man enough to hold until the river card or fold and give her all your chips. Once you fold, you’ll end up being in your girl’s friend zone and there’s no coming back from that area.

But is she really bluffing? Well, she won’t be all the time. One way to spot whenever they’re bluffing is when they’re being silly or unreasonable. What you have to do is tease them in a playful or funny way because of the way they’re acting. If you do this, then you’ll truly be ahead of everyone else.

Try these tips out to see for yourself. Employing these techniques will surely have you one step closer to knowing how to flirt with women.

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