How to Date Women Out of Your League


You see her and you instantly know it—she’s just way out of your league. Is it even possible that you could get this gorgeous woman to give you a second look? It may seem highly unlikely, but it really is possible. Though it may very well require some fine tuning on your part, you may just not be giving yourself enough credit.

The problem with most guys is that they automatically assume that the hot ones are out of their league and they never really try.

Is this you?

Are you being honest with yourself? How can you get yourself to be the guy that even the hottest woman in the bar is interested in? How can get you get her to give you a second look and to eventually make her fall head over heels crazy in love? It’s possible, and it may even be easier than you might think.

Quit thinking that she’s out of your league.

The first and most important lesson in picking up a girl that makes you stop and say «wow»—don’t put the vibe out there that she’s too good for you. If you do, then she will pick up on it almost immediately. This shows up as a huge lack of confidence and therefore is an instant turn off. Don’t let this happen because you’re too good for it! No matter how hot she is or how far out of your league she may seem, don’t let on for a second that you think that or it will work much to your detriment.

Have something interesting to say. If you walk up and look like a bumbling idiot just to blurt out a hello then you can kiss any chance of conversation or anything else goodbye. You need to start with a good opener and have the ability to continue the conversation. Good conversation and interesting points of view are part of what relationships are founded on, so be sure that you have something interesting to say and have the ability to keep that going.

Be different than any other guys. If she is truly as hot and amazing as you think she is, then chances are that she’s had her fair share of guys interested. She’s probably dated plenty of them too, and so that means that she’s seen it all before. Don’t be like the rest of them, be different, find something unique, and bring a fresh perspective. This sounds simple enough, but it’s a big mistake that many guys tend to make when they want to impress that dream girl.

Be yourself and always maintain confidence. This is important not only at the beginning of a relationship, but as you are together for a period of time as well. If you want her to be crazy in love, then be confident and strong. Be decisive without being overbearing, and have a point of view but also be open to compromise when necessary. This means that you should be yourself and that she’ll actually like it. She’s probably had a ton of guys come up to her or date her that were trying to be something that they weren’t, and that wears thin after awhile. So just be who you are and be sure that you maintain confidence always.

Be a nice guy and be open to a relationship. Don’t mistake this with being needy and putting the vibe out there that you want to put a ring on her finger as soon as you meet her. That’s a surefire way to get her to walk away from you almost immediately. However it can be quite helpful to actually be a nice guy who gives a crap, rather than one just looking to get her into bed. Be open to a relationship because that mentality will show through and will ultimately be what gets her to fall crazy in love with you—and that’s what you want after all, right?

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