Girlfriend Blueprint Review


If you’re considering downloading Luke Liu’s Girlfriend Blueprint then it’s probably a good idea you read this Girlfriend Blueprint review because I am going to reveal the pro’s and con’s of the book, followed by my overall conclusion.

First off I want to say that this guide is one of the best, if not the best guide on how to attract women I have ever read. It is a complete package of how to not just improve your external game so that you have the right techniques to attract women. But it also targets your inner game. What this means is that the purpose of the girlfriend blueprint is how to become the guy that all women go to.

What’s so great about this guide is that it isn’t intended for you to be all fake and trick girls into liking you. It’s all about transformation and making you a complete natural with women.

And by the way, this is definitely not a SCAM!

Personally, I’ve read so many guides which make so many false promises of being the complete seduction guide. What most of them end up becoming is a guide with tips and tricks to try and seduce women. The problem is that none of these types of guides really work.

What I’ve learnt from this guide is that simply getting a list of the best chat up lines is not enough. If you want to be successful with women then you need more.

What Does It Cover?

In this guide Luke Liu takes you through a step-by-step guide of how to attract women from start to finish within 90 days. Despite the book being called the Girlfriend Blueprint: How to Attract the Girl you want in 90 days, it’s more than just how to get a girlfriend.

It covers the whole attraction game. So whether you are looking to become a pick up artist. This guide is also very good.

How Does It Work?

His first step is to take any guy (whatever his current plight with women) and change his beliefs about what attracts women. He then outlines his theories about the secrets that really attract women. By the way you’ll notice that it’s unlike many guides you’ve read before. All the stuff in this section was a real eye opener.

Luke Liu then changes your mindset and how you look at women and your world. He then follows up with a physical transformation giving tips on how to make little adjustments to your appearance.

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